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Must-have Gifts For Language Learners

ElzetteNovember 6, 2019

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The Festive Season is just around the corner and it’s time to get your shopping list sorted.

Looking for the perfect gift for the language lover in your life? I’ve got you! Check out my list of fun and useful gifts that language learners will love.


You can never have too many books. Language learners may enjoy: 

  • Novels and short stories in their target language
  • Grammars and textbooks
  • Graded readers
  • Phrasebooks
  • Books about language learning


Try: Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner


Language learners are suckers for pretty stationery. Pens, notepads, erasers in funny shapes…we love them all.

Typo is my go-to for notebooks, like this college ruled campus notebook in a variety of designs.


Pink notebook

Also check out NotebookTherapy for adorable East-Asian stationery and accessories like this set of 20 watercolour brush pens.

Watercolor brush pens

These Funny T-shirts

Who doesn’t love a quirky T-shirt? 

These shirts perfectly capture the struggle of thinking in two languages at once.

Thinking in two languages Russian T-shirt

A Printable Language Study Planner

I’ve been eyeing various language study planners on Etsy for a while now. I’ll just leave this here for my husband to find…

12-page language study planner


Flashcard sets make great gifts for language lovers. You can find decks in a variety of languages and levels.

Mandarin Chinese Pinyin flashcards

A Vocabulary Journal

These vocabulary notebooks are perfect for jotting down new words on the go. 

Vocabulary journal (10 pack)

These Language Labels

One of the tried and tested methods for learning vocabulary is to stick labels on items around the house. Writing on sticky notes works just fine, but who can resist these nifty language label sets?

Mandarin language labels

ASL Stud Earrings

Say ‘I love you’ with these cute sterling silver sign language earrings.

This Board Game To Learn French

Turn learning a language into a game with this fun French language card game.

Perfect For Kids: Learning Chinese Electronic Reader

How adorable is this electronic reader? It helps children learn Chinese through fairy tales and songs.

Note: This is the traditional Chinese edition and it does not include any Pinyin.

French Calendar Bulletin Board Set

This French chalkboard calendar is great for the classroom.

Hello, World!

These multilingual gifts are sure to be a hit with the language lover in your life.

Hello in different languages wall decal

A Subscription To Their Favourite Language Learning App

It’s best to check with the person you’re buying for first to see which subscription will be most useful to them.  It can be tricky to judge someone else’s learning approach and level. You don’t want them to be stuck with a year’s access to something they have no use for.

Personally, I’ve found a LinQ subscription very useful.

Which item would you add to your wishlist?

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Gift Guide: Must-have Buys for Language Learners

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