Mandarin Resources

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Below is a list of Mandarin language learning resources I use and love. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to learn, so I will be adding more resources to the list as I go along.


Textbooks & Grammars

HSK Standard Course – 1 2 3 4 4 5 5 6 6

New Practical Chinese Reader Series

Basic Patterns of Chinese Grammar

Chinese Grammar Wiki BOOK – Just the Basics – Elementary – Intermediate

Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar

Graded Readers

Chinese Breeze Graded Chinese Readers

Mandarin Companion Graded Chinese Readers

Exercise books

Exercise Book For Writing Chinese Characters: Tian Zi Ge

Vocabulary Notebook

Online Resources

Paid courses & subscriptions


Chinese Zero to Hero


Chinese Class 101

Mandarin HQ

Yoyo Chinese

Du Chinese

Chinese Readers’ Guild

The Chairman’s Bao

Cudoo – Offers a comprehensive Chinese Mandarin language bundle

Pandaist – Offers Mandarin reading practice based on HSK level. Includes audio, translations, grammar rules, quizzes, a dictionary, and more.


Pleco – an amazing dictionary app with flashcards, OCR look-up, graded readers, a document reader and more

Anki – a spaced repetition flashcard app



Skritter – a great way to practice writing Chinese characters

VocApp – a flashcard application that uses a spaced repetition algorithm to help you learn vocabular faster.

TV Series and Movies

Rakuten Viki – a video streaming website that allows you to watch Asian TV shows and movies online.


Chinese Grammar Wiki – My go-to source for all things grammar-related

Online tutoring and language exchange

iTalki – an affordable and hassle-free way to connect with an online language tutor.

Rype – book 1-on-1 lessons with professional language teachers

Preply – find native speakers and certified private tutors

Fluent City – group or private online tutoring

Instant Mandarin –  a 1-on-1 online Mandarin Chinese learning platform

That’s Mandarin – This Chinese Language School provides classes in Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou, as well as anywhere in the world via their in-house online Chinese learning platform NihaoCafe. Visit their blog for helpful articles, free vocabulary, quizzes and links, and their YouTube channel for educational videos.

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